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**Additional Contributions for the Lake are welcome 

Over the last four years, an investment of almost $28,000.00 has been made in the treatment of Curly Leaf Weed. You will notice a line on the membership card asking for invasive species treatment contributions. It is only with further contributions from Property Owners and Businesses that the Club will be able to continue treating the Curly Leaf Weed.  

Please mail your membership registration

and payment to:

Shermayne Cross
Treasurer Roberds Lake Club
18209 Roberds Lake
Faribault, MN 55021


The follow activities are Club sponsored:

  • The Annual Meeting
  • The Annual Road Cleanup
  • The 4th of July Boat Parade
  • The Nite to Unite
  • The Annual Picnic
  • Ice Golf
  • Monitor water clarity
  • Sampling for water quality – testing for phosphorus




We are thankful for any additional contribution you can make to go towards the ongoing efforts of invasive species treatment to our lake

The Club plays a role in the quality of the Lake Water. Members are involved throughout the summer testing the clarity and taking samples /monitoring the Curly Weed population.


For the last few years the Club has paid for the Spray treatment of the Curly leaf to help reduce it propagating.  At the meeting in April where the reports from the DNR about Curly Leaf challenges – Several members felt strong enough about getting it under control that they chipped in a $100.00 each to the tune of $1100. In addition Business and Organizations pledged another $1500. Thank you for this generous donation!  This allowed the Club to treat the area that the DNR permitted.

There sure is a difference where the treatments are made!