Evenings at Roberds Lake can be a very special time as the sun sets in the west and spreads it’s golden rays into the sky and across the water; a beautiful, relaxing scene. Over a number of years, residents on the east and north shores have also enjoyed another evening wonder.  It is the haunting, almost melancholy sound of whoo…whoo, whoo, whoo calling in the dusky, quiet air. The sound would emanate from hidden areas in the trees behind the homes along the eastern shore, soon to be answered by similar calls along the north shore. For several of those years, no-one was able to locate the source of that unforgettable sound until one day, in the bright sunlight, but hidden in the leaves and branches of a tree along the shoreline was a tiny face. 

Photograph provided by Ted Tuma

Photograph provided by Dave Lenway

Photograph provided by Tiffany Sandhurst