for treating pondweed

Curly-leaf pondweed growing to the water’s surface

in Misgen's Bay, Roberds Lake 2017.

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(March 2018) from the Roberds Lake Club about Lake Treatment


You can cut them manually with a pull behind weed cutter.  No permit is needed for this. The Roberds Lake Club owns some manual pondweed cutters and they are available to you at no cost.  They are stored at the Roberds Lake Resort.  You are required to pull the weeds out of the Lake after they are cut.  There are limits on how large an area can be cut.  Check the DNR Website for specifics.



Another option is to treat a portion of your lakeshore with a chemical called Aquathol Super K.  This is a granular product applied manually in the spring time.  Lake Management, INC. is the company we use to treat the lake 651-433-3283 contact either Mike or Beth.  For chemical treatments, you do need a permit.  We plan on having permit applications available at the annual meeting for those interested.  For those who can not attend, can get a copy from the DNR their address is 261 Highway 16 South, New Ulm, MN 56073. Their phone number is 507-359-6046.​ weed control company is 651-433-3283.  


Commercial Treatment

There have been several property owners who have expressed an interest in the Club coordinating an effort to have a commercial company apply a chemical treatment for their individual lakeshore area.  The commercial applicator that we have worked with during the last 4 years is interested in working with us in this effort. The hope is that with several owners participating, we can realize savings for each participant.  To participate, each homeowner would need to complete a short permit application form (see enclosed).  The completed permit application along with a check made out to the DNR for $35 would need to be sent in using the enclosed envelope to our treasurer, Shermayne Cross.  


Do Nothing

A homeowner is not required to do anything at all.



Each Spring the Club does curly leaf pondweed treatment.  The DNR has complets a survey and plans out the area for us to treat.  The area treated in past years was 150 feet out from the shoreline and in the general area of the public access. 


The DNR grant funding received was $3,250 in 2017. Tri Lakes Sportsman's Club made a generous donation of $500 as well. 


The Club would especially like to thank the many individual shoreline owners for their generous contributions.



To make a donation, please contact or send a check made out to:

Roberds Lake Club

Shermayne Cross, Club Treasurer 

18197 Roberds Lake Blvd,

Faribault, MN 55021.